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This area helps you avoid calamity and remain open enjoy the unexpected, with quick tips for travel to Dubai

Women Travellers

The UAE is extremely safe for women travellers, nevertheless women travelling alone are a curiosity and you may end up at the concentration of undesirable consideration. You will probably have a more relaxed visit if you stay in one of the four or five star hotels, especially if you can use the hotel’s private beach facilities.

Women in the UAE have a much more liberal way of life than many of their Gulf counterparts (i.e. women are permitted to drive, work and so on) however, women travelers should be aware that they are visiting a society which has strong traditional roots.

Travelling with Children

The UAE is a family-situated environment and small children are welcome and appreciated all over. The larger hotels have decent determination of children’s dinners, particularly in room service. Small youngsters don’t typically eat out around evening time, but are often welcome, phone ahead to check, regardless keeping an eye on are accessible in the the main hotels.

Disabled Travellers

A few five-star hotels have specially-adapted rooms and other facilities for handicapped people, the airport and major shopping malls have good access and facilities, as well as Dubai’s Transport Taxis are fitted to accommodate wheelchairs.

Airport Facilities

In June 2001 Emirates airline designated a special handling area at departures and arrivals for passengers with special needs. As a result, wheelchair passengers will receive a more personalized service.

Holiday and Health

Dubai contains well equipped public and private hospitals. Remarkably, the UAE was one of only two countries with no reported cases of holiday illnesses recorded in a survey by the leading British consumer magazine, this is a tribute to the success of government inoculation programs, the arrangement of satisfactory clean water and exclusive expectations of cleanliness in hotels and restaurants.

Communication and Media

The telephone network operated by the national telecommunication organization ETISALAT is superb, local calls are free and direct dialing is available to 150 countries. In 2006, a rival telecommunications company, Du, was launched offering competitive rates.

The international dial code for UAE is +971. Cheap rates for international direct calls apply from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. and all day on Fridays and public holidays.

You must use the 04 prefix. If you are dialing a number in Abu Dhabi from another location in that emirate you will not need to use a prefix.